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28-May-2017 40 Hrs (4 Weeks) 09:30 PM - 11:30 PM Online MODE OF TRAINING $ 799
$ 899

SAPUI5 and FIORI Certification Training

SAP Fiori is nothing but a platform that supplies the porting of applications on mobile devices and was announced on 15 May 2013. SAP Fiori is founded on SAP's technology platform which is called NetWeaver. For SAP customers this unique product is made available without any additional costs. This enables SAP partners to leverage the numerous advantages of SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori makes for a superior user experience for SAP software and consists of up to hundreds of applications that are known to be intuitive.
**SPECIAL OFFER: We will provide all Pre-Recorded Videos to learn the Pre-requisites needed for SAPUI5 and FIORI Training. Covering Topics of the latest SAP OOABAP.

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SAP Fiori is a group of applications that has been written recently by SAP to address often used SAP functions like self-service tasks, workflow approvals, and information lookups. SAP Fiori provides simple access across smartphones, desktops, and tablets. It is an impressive initiative from SAP to provide a quicker and highly responsive user interface. It employs cutting-edge design principles for delivering simple and responsive experiences which are personalized and across different devices from mobile phones to tablets and desktops. Its effort is centered on supplying a user interface across varying devices. There is a lot of potential for Fiori since it resolves the core problems SAP users have today. Our training focuses on enhancing your skills on important concepts of SAPUI5 and FIORI.

Did you Know

1. Fiori is a stunning and beautiful Italian flower; this naming choice expresses the ambitions of SAP on user experiences. Since Fiori is current, the needs for Fiori consultants skyrocketing, leading to this course being an excellent option for career boosts.
2. The utilization of OData services for Fiori can be seen as foreshadowing a much larger trend. Therefore, one can be sure that Fiori has a bright future and can be expected to be in demand soon.
3. In development support, SAP is investing significantly into Web-based development tools. The most noticeable tool is known as WebIDE and is the main tool for executing Fiori applications and interacting with HANA
4. With Fiori, SAP is trying to gain ground on third party applications which uses HTML or Java or other to design user Dashboards which are really easy to use but requires separate integration with SAP Applications
5. In the Software Frameworks category, SAP Fiori has a market share of about 0.1%. In coming days we’ll also see the fierce fight in the User interface and ERP integration market and how companies launch different products or applications either to retain or enhance their market share

Why learn and get certified in SAPUI5 and Fiori?

1. The goal of this course is to introduce you to the methodologies, tools, and best practices for formulating, designing, and improving your very own SAP Fiori application. This will give you an edge over the competition for the same requirements
2. The arrival of a new technology will need professionals to learn the technology and assimilate expertise in delivering solutions based on the new technology. The learning is required to remain competitive in the job market
3. This course is focused on taking SAPUI5 and Fiori design guidelines and showing you how to apply them to your own unique business needs. Or, in other words, building your own SAP Fiori application that’s just as brilliant and user-friendly as SAP applications.
4. By learning SAPUI5, You will be able to develop responsive web applications both with static content and dynamic content (Server side). This will enrich your technical skills to a new level which is the current market trend. With ui5 and fiori knowledge you will be able to develop cloud applications for desktop and mobile devices.


1. Basic understanding of business processes typically addressed by SAP
2. ABAP for Odata Creation only
3. Basic Programming skills

Course Objective

After the completion of SAPUI5 and Fiori course, you will be able to:

1. Understand SAP Fiori system landscape architectures and its core functionality
2. All fundamentals including HTML5, CSS, JS, JQuery, DOM.
3. End to end MVC to develop UI5 Applications from Scratch
4. End to end development of Fiori App using Eclipse and WebIDE
5. Development of OData services using netweaver gateway
6. Understand different aspects of SAP UX technology
7. Take informed decisions in a UI5 project
8. Know what are the opportunities that will come by learning the new UX technology
9. Work as SAPUI5 professional consultants
10. Make existing SAPUI5 Apps better with responsive and more UX centric development
11. Understand all the concepts related to SAPUI5/ Openui5 web app development

Who should attend this Training?

1. Anyone interested in SAP Fiori and Design Thinking
2. Solution Consultants
3. Application Developers
4. Mobile Application Developers
5. UX Designers
6. Web developers

Prepare for Certification!

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered on the SAPUI5 and Fiori. In addition to boosting your income potential, getting certified in SAPUI5 and Fiori demonstrates your knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective Professional. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.

How will I perform the practical sessions in Online training?

For online training, coursesit provides a virtual environment that helps in accessing each other’s system. The complete course material in pdf format, reference materials, course code is provided to trainees. CoursesIT conductes online sessions through any of the available requirements like Skype, WebEx, GOTOMeeting, Webinar, etc.

Basic Foundation for UI5

  1. 1.Creating our first web page
  2. 2.Line breaks, paragraphs and headers
  3. 3.Bold, italics and comments
  4. 4.Lists
  5. 5.Linking to another page
  6. 6.images
  7. structures
  8. 8.New audio tag, New video tag
  9. 9.Table
  10. 10.Forms, Get/Post method, action
  1. 1.External style sheet
  2. 2.Font properties
  3. 3.CSS comments
  4. 4.Box model, padding, border, margin, padding
  5. 5.Classes
  6. 6.Div and Span
  7. 7.Working with colors
  8. 8.Background images
  9. 9.ID's, child selectors, pseudo classes
  10. 10.Styling links, styling lists
  11. 11.Rounded corners
  12. 12.Linear gradient
  13. 13.Float and clear
  14. 14.New tags for the layout
  1. 1.Document Object Model
  2. 2.Relating HTML Elements
  1. 1.Introduction to JavaScript
  2. 2.Statements and Comments
  3. 3.Finding Errors
  4. 4.Variables, Data Types
  5. 5.Operators
  6. 6.Strings
  7. 7.Events
  8. 8.Functions, Functions with Parameters
  9. 9.Functional with Multiple Parameters
  10. 10.Variable scope
  11. 11.Arrays
  12. 12.Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch
  13. 13.While loop, for loop
  14. 14.Objects, properties and methods
  15. 15.Referencing elements in JavaScript
  16. 16.Changing an image source
  17. 17.Forms, form values
  18. 18.Form validation text boxes, and passwords
  19. 19.Radio buttons, Check Boxes
  20. 20.Creating HTML Element
  21. 21.Modifying HTML Elements
  22. 22.Appending HTML Elements
  23. 23.Deleting HTML Elements
  24. 24.Regular Expressions
  25. 25.Object oriented Javascript
  26. 26.Prototype in Javascript
  27. 27.Javascript Literals
  28. 28.Javascript Objects, properties, and functions
  1. 1.Selectors
  2. 2.Events
  3. 3.DOM Manipulation

SAP UI5 Framework and Controls

Unit 1: SAPUI5
  1. 1.Installing SAPUI5
  2. a.SAPUI5 Tools
  3. b.Versioning of SAPUI5
  4. c.Upgrading jQuery for SAPUI5
  5. d.Documentation
  6. 2.Before you Start
  7. 3.Naming Conventions for Control and Application Development
  8. 4.Browser and Platform Matrixes
  9. 5.Compatibility Rules
  10. 6.Experimental Flag
  11. 7.Security Information for SAPUI5
  12. 8.Getting Started with SAPUI5
  13. a.Create Your First SAPUI5 Application
  14. b.Create Your First Mobile SAPUI5 Application
  15. c.Develop Your First Application using SAPUI5 Tools
  16. d.Testing SAPUI5 Applications
  17. 9.Concepts
  18. a.Model View Controller (MVC)
  19. b.Resource Handling
  20. c.Libraries
  21. d.SAPUI5 Components
  22. e.Fragments
  23. 10.Application Best Practice
  24. a.Preparing
  25. b.Building
  26. 11.Application Best Practice
  27. a.Preparing
  28. b.Building
  29. 12.Initializing and Loading SAPUI5
  30. Bootstrapping: Loading and Initializing SAPUI5 in HTML Pages
  31. b.Initialization Process
  32. c.Configuration of the SAPUI5 Runtime
  33. 13.Models and Data Binding
  34. a.Model View Controller (MVC)
  35. b.Resource Handling
  36. c.Libraries
  37. d.SAPUI5 Components
  38. e.Fragments
  39. f.Model View Controller (MVC)
  40. g.Resource Handling
  41. 14.Building the UI
  42. a.Instantiating Views
  43. b.Implementing XML Views
  44. c.Handling Events in JSON Views
  45. d.Typed Views and Controllers
  46. e.File Names and Locations (View and Controller)
  47. f.View Cloning
  48. g.Support for Unique IDs
  49. h.Fragments
  50. i.HTML Templating in SAPUI5
  51. j.Navigation
  52. k.Working with Controls in SAPUI5
  53. l.Declarative Support
  54. 15.Structuring SAPUI5 Applications
  55. a.Modularization and Resource Handling
  56. b.SAPUI5 Components
  57. 16.Translating SAPUI5 Applications
  58. a.Identifying the Language Code / Locale
  59. b.Resource Bundles
  60. c.Use of Localized Texts in Applications
  61. d.Support Translation
  62. 17.Support Translation
  63. a.Example: Component Configuration
  64. b.Controller Extension
  65. c.Controller Replacement
  66. d.I18n Resource Text Customization
  67. e.Limitations
  68. f.Caveats Regarding Stability Across Application Upgrades
  69. g.Supportability
  70. 18.Building Mobile Applications with SAPUI5
  71. a.Handling Navigation and Lifecycle Events
  72. b.Adapting to Platform and Form Factors
  73. c.Working with Lists and Tables
  74. d.Triggering Phone, SMS and E-Mail
  75. e.Scrolling in SAPUI5 Mobile
  76. f.Running SAPUI5 Mobile Apps in Hybrid Web Containers
  77. g.Using Images in Mobile Applications
  78. h.Message Handling
  79. i.Mobile Events
  80. j.Performance Behavior
  81. k.Building Charts with SAP VIZ
  82. 19.Troubleshooting
  83. a.Debugging
  84. b.Logging and Tracing
  85. c.Troubleshooting: Common Issues
  86. d.Browser Debugging for ABAP Developers
  87. e.SAPUI5 Diagnostics
  88. f.SAPUI5 Mobile Diagnostics
  89. 20.Testing in SAPUI5
  90. 21.Developing Content for SAPUI5
  91. a.Development Conventions and Guidelines
  92. 22.WEB-IDE
  93. a.Create a new SAPUI5 application
  94. b.Development process overview
  95. c.Development environment overview
  96. d.Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAPUI5
  97. e.Deploy to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository

SAP Fiori Introduction and App Development

Unit 1: SAP Fiori
  1. 1.Master Detail view in SAPUI5 Mobile
  2. 2.Master Detail view in SAPUI5 Desktop
  3. 3.Routing in Components
  5. API
  6. API
  7. API
  8. 8.Fragments

Object Oriented Programming in ABAP

Object Oriented Programming in ABAP
  1. 1.What is Object and class?
  2. 2.Why to define a class?
  3. 3.Components of class
  4. 4.Attributes - Instance, static, constant
  5. 5.Methods- instance, static
  6. 6.Role of Attributes & Methods in OOPs programming
  7. 7.Defining class in class builder
  8. 8.Accessing Attributes in a method
  9. 9.Instantiation of object in report program
  10. 10.Visibility - Public, Private, Protected
  11. 11.Method parameters - importing, exporting, changing, returning
  12. 12.Relationship between objects
  13. 13.Association
  14. 14.Aggregation
  15. 15.Composition
  16. 16.Realization
  17. 17.Generalization
  18. 18.Interface
  19. 19.Abstract class
  20. 20.Type casting
  21. 21.Widening Casting
  22. 22.Narrow Casting

SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service

Unit 1: SAP Netweaver Gateway:
  1. 1.Introduction NetWeaver Gateway
  2. 2.NetWeaver Gateway Usage
  3. 3.Gateway Architecture overview
  4. 4.Technical Components Involved
  5. 5.Introduction to REST
  6. 6.Introduction to OData
  7. 7.OData advantages
  8. 8.Introduction to OData formats JSON and XML
  9. 9.Overview of Structure of an OData Service
  10. 10.Overview of Service Document
  11. 11.Overview of Service Metadata Document

OData Operations

OData Operations
  1. 1.Create
  2. 2.Read
  3. 3.Update
  4. 4.Delete
  5. 5.OData Query Options
  6. 6.Filtering and Projecting ($filter and $select)
  7. 7.Sorting ($orderby)
  8. 8.Client-Side Paging ($top, $skip, and $inlinecount)
  9. 9.Counting ($count)
  10. 10.Inlining ($expand)
  11. 11.Formatting ($format)

About SAPUI5 and Fiori Certification

This certification exam is conducted by SAP organization to certify that the professional possess basic knowledge in the area of SAPUI5 and Fiori. SAPUI5 and Fiori certification is recommended for entry-level qualification to provide an opportunity for consultants to get familiar with the fundamentals of the SAPUI5 and Fiori solution.

SAP Certified Technology Associate (C_SAPXIMP_20)

1. Minimum two years of IT experience or at least a year of SAP experience in the USA.
2. At least two years SAP implementation experience or have attended at least 15 days of relevant training in SAP. Proof of the above must be presented upon registration – this is for the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

Exam Details
1. Associate Level Certification
2. Exam price is $500
3. Exam duration is 180 minutes
4. Exam questions is 80 questions
5. Passing score is 59 percent

SAP Certified Development Associate (C_FIORDEV_20)

There are no such pre-requisites to enrol for this certification.

Exam Details

1. Associate Level Certification
2. Exam duration is 180 minutes
3. Exam questions is 80 questions
4. Passing score is 61 percent

I had experience in SAP but wanted to upskill my knowledge so called in CoursesIT. I was advised the best course to go with which is SAPUI5 & FIORI. The Training was excellent and Trainer was very helpful to all the trainees in the sessions. very goo Read More - Michel


As the HTML5 world is the new age front technology across all aspect of internet applications, SAP was kind of trailing in this age because SAP was using age old WebDynpro for building SAP Web Applications which lacks in rich and user-friendly UI. SAP identified this and came up with its own custom HTML5 library i.e. SAPUI5.
1.HTML5 is a markup language, It doesn’t have programming capabilities but SAPUI5 is a framework which is based on MVC approach to build web applications.
2.HTML5 is mainly for the purpose of creating a simple Web page without formatting and logic but UI5 provides standard style and components to build rich UIs.
SAPUI5 is a client side HTML5 rendering framework or library and SAP FIORI is a collection of and released as waves of applications which are completely based on the SAPUI5 framework. It means we can create applications using the SAPUI5 framework and SAP FIORI is the final product i.e. application.
There are three types of apps i.e. Transactional, Analytical and Fact Sheets.
SAP FIORI is a collection of standard applications based on SAPUI5 library provided by SAP. SAP FIORI applications share some standard design guidelines and way in which these applications are developed.
The following are the different configuration steps in SAP FIORI namely:
1.Configuration of Transaction Applications and Fact Sheets
2.Configuration of Analytical Applications
Yes, it is possible to customize the UI5 launch page. The user must implement the eclipse plugin to accomplish custom development. SAP Theme Designer is used to change the layout colour.
No, there is no workaround for connecting with older versions. SAP ECC 6.0 SPS15 is the minimum mandatory requirement to run SAP FIORI.
SAP FIORI is set of 25 applications that deliver a simple, intuitive user experience for most frequently used business transactions across your customers. SAP Screen Personas provides a simple, drag and drop approach to modify most SAP Graphical User Interface screens. It simplifies business application screens quickly and easily without any programming knowledge.
Both libraries use same programming model and core functionalities such as MVC or data binding. It only differs in the number of front-end controls. OpenUI5 developed and released by SAP JavaScript Developers and mostly contains the code this group is responsible for.
Yes, there is currently limited offline capability using the standard HTML5 key/value pair storage. The offline capability will be enabled in the future platforms such as the SAP Mobility platform but these features are not available yet.
SAP Fiori is the set of pre-packaged applications from SAP which naturally connects to an SAP backend, however, SAPUI5 or OpenUI5 is used to create the FIORI applications, does not require an SAP back-end and can connect to anywhere as long as you can make the data fit.
There is no specific IDE required; most of the developers use Eclipse. But some developers prefer simple text editors, Webstorm IDE and others.
In terms of front-end toolkit, a user can deploy and run OpenUI5 applications on a standard web browser.
As we know there are more than 500 FIORI applications, SAP has provided a Shell or single point place from where we can access all the applications. This serves as a home page for all the FIORI applications provided to. This shows tile-based UI where every UI redirects to assigned FIORI application. This Launchpad is fully customizable according to your requirements.
No. This course is best fit for developers and it does not cover the admin aspects.
Yes, we provide server access to build OData services.
The tools that should be installed are:
1. Eclipse for UI development
2. Back-end system for Odata development
Total course duration is 40+ hours without copy-paste of the code. Most of the other training institutes teach by either copying code from ready-made project or from some website. This way you can not understand the meaning of every line of code. In our training program course we will write line by line code to understand the depth of it. Complementary:OOPS ABAP Sessions + Google map integration New Concepts Included:Component.js, Manifest.json, Router, RouteMatchedHandler etc., Custom Controls, Google Map Integration, HTML5, CSS, JS, JQuery, DOM, MVC and many more.. The complete course is divided in below 4 phases with duration of 40 Hours. We will also cover Complementary OOPS ABAP Sessions and Google Map
Our focus will be developing core entities of application like views, controllers, component.js, jsons, xmls, services, fragments, formatters etc. and also packaging these entities to work together. Now if we do that in eclipse or WEB IDE, it doesn’t matter. We will also show you how to use Web IDE towards end of our course.
Here are the list of topics and videos. 45 videos CoursesIT
All the Study materials which includes class notes, ppt, pdf, doc, guides, project, js, css, html, jar, rar, zip will be posted and can be downloaded.
No, Not at all. Infact there will be huge demand for UI5
1. SAP has invested a lot in UI technologies and finally it came with UI5 with combination of public libraries JavaScript and HTML5.
2. You can build Responsive, Delightful, Enterprise ready applications to run on any devise easily using UI5.
3. SAP new innovations like Fiori, Mobility, Cloud, Successfactors and all other existing products updates are directly/indirectly using SAP UI5 technology.
4. Most important, many SAP clients are still in Web Dynpro techonlogies (Java& ABAP) or earlier UI techs and they are eager to migrate to Fiori/UI5 based applications.
5. SAP Integration with other technologies/products made easy with UI5 programming.
6. SAP has given OpenUI5 has a Open Source, check the updations to it in SAP/openui5.
If you want to update or get ready with UI5 demand, then learn the following skills:
1. HTML5, JavaScript basics
2. SAP UI5 in SAPUI5 SDK – Demo Kit
3. SAP Cloud Platform ( free trail version to practise SAP UI5 on Cloud for life time)
1. SAP oData, Gateway- you need these to become an ideal SAP Fiori Consultant
2. Knowledge about SAP ERP

SAP UI5 And FIORI Placement FAQs

The average salary offered to a SAP FIORI Developer is $143,000.
No, SAPUI5 and FIORI both are good technologies, but still ABAP Developers are required for many things they are placed in other technology but not ABAP.
As per SAP UI Roadmap, the following skills are required for SAPUI5 Developers.
The future of SAPUI5 seems to be very promising, as SAPUI5 and FIORI application is an underlying technology started with 25 applications in the first wave of its release but now we have 500+ applications in its portfolio.
Mostly SAP Partner companies like IBM, Accenture, Infosys that use the SAP technical infrastructure to develop application and modifications for customers. Some of the other product-based companies have also implemented SAP FIORI/UI5.
The following are some of the roles and responsibilities of a SAP FIORI Developer:
1.Updating OData Services on ECC
2.Deploy, maintain and test the services on NetWeaver Gateway
3.Upload the SAPUI5 project to customer landscape/ABAP Server
4.Download the standard FIORI application source code and extend as per the requirement
5.Ability to add the tiles to the launch pad
6.Ability to use FIORI theme designer and change the current FIORI application or logo.
It is appropriate to compare SAPUI5 with JQuery than AngularJS as it embodies the functional DOM manipulation approach which has been abandoned by modern JS UI framework.
SAPUI5 and FIORI is SAP’s strategic UI technology which is one of the hot skills trending in the market. Most of the SAP’s customer/partner and SAP’s strategy to pragmatically develop all its applications, based on promising FIORI UX. Most of the frontend code is moving to UI5 and Fiori from conventional dialog programming and Webdynpro views.
We cover everything you need to know to be a successful SAPUI5 and FIORI consultant as it includes basic UI5 foundation which is HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.
The average SAP Consultant in the United States earns approximately $82K annually. The range in cash compensation to SAP Consultants ($55K to $164K) includes potential earnings of $20K each from bonuses and profit sharing in exceptional cases. The most influential factor affecting pay for this group is career length, though the specific employer and location have a (lesser) impact as well. Generally, women make up less than a third of all SAP Consultants who answered the questionnnaire. Medical benefits are awarded to most, and more than half earn dental coverage. Job satisfaction for SAP Consultants is high.
SAP consultants analyze, design, and configure new computer software and systems in accordance with their employers’ or clients’ specifications, as well as write programs such as forms, specifications, and interfaces. They also test new interfaces to ensure that system workflows are optimized and interact with end-users to make changes as requested and obtain feedback. Those in this position must be patient and flexible, as end-users regularly revise system requirements. They also perform data transfers from non-SAP systems to SAP and customize clients’ and employers’ systems in accordance with their system requirements. They generally test for all system errors to ensure total system integration, and they generally work under senior SAP consultants. Flexibility is important, as they may be required to travel or relocate to other places within or outside of the United States. Some may be responsible for training, coaching, and mentoring new or junior SAP consultants. All SAP consultants should constantly improve and update their technological skills by attending various workshops and classes at local colleges or universities and reading relevant journals. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field and relevant work experience are generally required for this position; however, some employers may accept candidates with a wealth of experience as computer software professionals in place of the degree requirement. Excellent oral and written communication skills, presentation skills, and the ability to work well in team environments are also important. SAP Consultant Tasks
1.Design, build, test and deploy SAP technical solutions.
2.Plan, deliver and supervise system configuration and documentation tasks.
3.Solve complex business problems in the areas of finance, operations, human capital, customer, and governance, risk and compliance, using SAP technologies.
Known for taking on a considerable number of SAP Consultants, Accenture, SAP America, Inc., International Business Machines (IBM) Corp., InfoSys Limited, and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) are leading firms in the industry. Clarkston Consulting attracts talent by shelling out the biggest paychecks in the area — the median in that office is $141K. SAP America, Inc., Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, and HCL America, Inc. are a few other companies that offer generous salaries, with SAP Consultants earning around $120K, $103K, or $102K at each firm, respectively. IBM Global Services lags the field greatly in terms of pay, offering a median salary less than half of the top paying company’s rate ($68K). A few other companies with smaller-than-average paychecks include International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. ($72K), SAP ($72K), and Accenture Technology Solutions ($78K).
SAP Consultants with a rich background of experience are typically rewarded with larger paychecks. People who have worked for fewer than five years earn around $72K, and folks with five to 10 years of experience see a modestly higher median of $93K. Professionals who spend a good 10 to 20 years in the workforce haul in an average of $121K. SAP Consultants who have acquired more than 20 years of relevant experience earn significantly more than folks with fewer years on their resumes; the average income in this veteran group is $162K. [accordian_item accordion_active="no" accordion_title="What is the Pay difference by location for a SAP Consultant?" cs_accordian_icon="fa-plus-circle" icon="Choose Icon"] Answer – Home to some of the best pay for SAP Consultants, San Jose offers exceptional salaries, 27 percent above the national average. SAP Consultants can also look forward to large paychecks in cities like Irvine (+27 percent), Tampa (+25 percent), San Francisco (+19 percent), and Los Angeles (+8 percent). Cincinnati is the lowest-paying area, 18 percent south of the national average. Not at the bottom but still paying below the median are employers in Miami and Parsippany (14 percent lower and 11 percent lower, respectively).
CoursesIT provides Role-based Instructor Led Live and Self Paced Video Training and certification programs by industry expert trainer’s using Online meeting tools like Citrix GotoWebinar.
We provide three different modes of training:
1.Instructor Led Live Training (ILLT) – In this mode students attend the Live online sessions as per the training schedule. Assignments and course materials access is provided using the LMS system. Students can also view the videos of the past sessions and post questions using the LMS system. Students can ask trainers question live during the session or offline using the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
2.Instructor Led Video Training (ILVT) – In this mode students do not attend Live online sessions but learn from the Session video recordings. Assignments and course materials access is provided using the LMS system. Students can post questions offline for trainers using the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
3.Self-Paced Video Training (SPVT) – Self-paced video training program is designed to learn at your own pace. Students are given a access to the LMS system and learn thru pre-recorded session videos. They access the assignments and materials thru the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
Picture – Click on the below links to know the differences between live training, video training, self-paced video training:
1.Instructor Led Live Training (ILLT) –
2.Instructor Led Video Training (ILVT) –
3.Self-paced Video Training (SPVT) –
1.Operating System: Windows XP or newer
2.Browser: Internet Explorer 6.x or newer
3.CPU: P350 MHz, recommended P500+ MHz
4.Memory: 128 MB, recommended 256+ MB RAM
5.Free Disk Space: 40 MB, recommended 200+ MB for content and recordings
6.Internet Connection: 28.8 Kbps, recommended 128+ Kbps
7.Monitor: 16 bit colors (high color)
8.Other: Sound card, microphone, and speakers OR headset with microphone
1Mbps of internet speed is recommended to attend the live classes. Even with lesser internet speed students can attend live session.
Some of the major benefits are:
1.Full Interactivity – Two-way voice over internet and web-conferencing tool. This tool enables participants to ask questions and collaborate with each other in an online virtual space and enables the online trainer to answer questions, take simulations, and receive answers instantaneously. Every trainee can view the trainers desktop and vice versa.
2.Cost Savings and Convenience – Courses can be completed from home, the office, or wherever the Internet is accessible. There is no need to travel to a specific location to attend a training program. Less overhead cost for the company and the savings is passed on to the trainees. Shorter course schedules mean that projects don’t have to be put on hold while participants train (for corporations).
3.Never Miss a Session – With online training, you can receive archived video recorded sessions to all enrollees and the streaming video recording links are posted on the Training blog after each session. Participants may view these sessions to review sessions post-class or make up a missed class as needed. Accesses to Video Recordings are available after the training end thus making it easy for you to review after training ends.
4.Location Independent – You may join for an online instructor-led course from any part of the world without having to travel. Trainees can attend from USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Australia, India and many other countries around the world.
5.Affordable – Classroom sessions are expensive. You pay for Hotel, Food, Travel plus Course Fees. All those overhead costs quickly add up to more than 5,000 dollars. Online training programs costs less and is a fraction of that cost of classroom training.
6.Best Trainers – If you are taking a Classroom training, you are restricted to take the training from the best instructors available in that area only. This is Not the case in Online training setup. We hire and work with Best trainers throughout the world with the power of internet.
7.Career Focused –The online IT training courses match the tasks, assignments or projects you perform for employers on the job guaranteeing that the new skills you gain after training are immediately relevant to your career or employer.
8.Shorter Sessions – By providing shorter session duration and then providing assignments, gives the trainees time to understand the concepts and practice from the assignments and be prepared for the next session. Online training sessions are each 2-3 hrs long and only cover 10hrs per week. Classes are scheduled 2-3 days apart giving you time to practice.
All Instructors from CoursesIT are working professionals from leading organizations who have minimum of 8 years of real-time consulting experience working on live projects and good subject knowledge. They have minimum 3+ years of experience in training. Most of our trainers are Certified professionals as well and help the students to get certified.
Yes, you will be working on the case-studies/project which helps you to implement the gained skills and knowledge practically towards the end of the training workshop.
Trainee can choose any of the following payment methods to enrol our training program:
1.For USD payment, trainee can pay by Paypal and Bank of America
2.Bank payments from anywhere in USA
3.Money orders
4.International Wire transfer
5.ACH transfers
6.Chase Quickpay
7.Bank of America transfers
8.Wells Fargo Surepay
9.Credit Card
10.Debit Card
11.Net Banking
12.Instalment option is also available
13.We accept credit card, debit card and net banking for all leading banks
Since most of our trainers are working professional themselves, we provide Instructor-led Live training as per the following schedules and try to complete 8-10 hrs of Live training per week:
1.Weekday evenings Mon-Fri – start time at 7 or 7:30pm CST with each session 2-3 hrs.
2.Weekend batch timings are Sat-Sun with start times of 8am, 4pm, 7pm CST with each session 3-4hrs
You can Raise a Ticket from the Blog and a Support team member will respond to your query. We help 24×7 through our ticketing system.
Once the session is complete, all the session videos will be uploaded on the blog. You can access the missed session videos on the blog. The videos recordings and access to the training blog is available to you for 6 months. The materials access thru Google drive repository is available to you for lifetime.
After the session is complete, all the session videos are uploaded for you to view using the blog. You can access the blog from any device (laptop, tablets, mobile phone) connected to internet and watch the videos.
Yes, as a sample we can surely provide you some videos from previous workshops.
In ILLT, you have an option to attend the live classes of other trainers. But, this has to be informed to the respective co-ordinators before completing three live sessions. In case of ILVT and SPVT, you have an option to access other trainer’s videos on raising request to the co-ordinators and support team. But the access to the previously shared videos will be restricted.
To know more about our Terms of Service including the Refund and Cancellation policy, please visit our webpage,
The soft copy of course completion certificate from ZaranTech will be sent to you via e-mail after your training completion. Here is a Sample,
Once you have enrolled to the training program, our support team will send an email to your registered Email ID. The video link in an e-mail explains how to login to the training blog and access the training program and content. This takes less than 2-3 hrs.
We will help you to setup Virtual Machine in your System with local access. The detailed installation guides will be provided for setting up the environment. In case your system doesn’t meet the prerequisites e.g. 4GB RAM, you will be provided remote access to the Server for the practicals. For any doubt, the 24*7 support team will promptly assist you.
Most of our courses are designed to get you a job first and are also geared for you to get certified. After the course completion, your trainer will provide all details about the certification you can appear for the qualifications of each. We also provide you with Certification faqs and dumps from past certification exams. Our trainers help each and every student in getting them certified.
Enroll to our Self paced video training. Video Explanation – What is Self Paced Video Training –
Our corporate office is located in West Des Moines, Iowa. And our Offshore support center is located in Bangalore, India.
We cannot share the trainers Linkedin profile but we surely can send you a screenshot of it. This is because the trainer don’t want to be contacted through inmail as they themselves are Sr. consultants/Solution architects at reputed firms and keep very busy with work. This is something we are telling from our past experience. Rest assured, please know that the experience of the trainers are what they say. You can also attend a Live Demo webinar with the trainer and ask any question to them and get a clarity on trainer’s experience and subject knowledge.

Generic Placement FAQs

We are a training and certification company which provides excellent online, classroom and self-paced training programs. After our training is finished, this is what we provide,
1.Resume Assistance – We help you with preparing a very good and presentable Resume using your past experience and the Real project based Case studies. We also help you how to represent your resume and answer project based questions, module based technical questions, and behavioral questions. After you are done with this process, you will be very confident with representing you resume
2.Interview preparation Assistance – We provide you mock interview videos, Interview faqs and project based documents. We then guide you step by step to take an interview and clear it
3.Certification Assistance – We provide you with Certification dumps from past certifications, and a step-by-step guide and resources to appear for the Certification
4.After all these are completed, we work with you and the 50+ sister consulting companies we are aligned with to get you a job interview.
It is not a good idea to get marketed by multiple consulting companies at the same. It might take serious impact on candidature, due to duplicate resume submission by different consulting companies to same client. Some times resume might go on hold.
Because of above-mentioned reasons, it is always better to work with one staffing company at one time.
Once you have completed your training we will assign a staffing company for your assistance.Escalate to us immediately, If you feel the assigned Sister consulting company is not doing justice. Then, we will assign another Sister consulting company with in 24 hours.
We provide Placement Assistance. We are training and certification company and after training provides Certification guidance, Resume, and Interview preparation assistance. We also work with many sister consulting firms in the USA who help in provide placements. See the videos below to learn more, Video Explanation – Resume preparation Assistance – Video Explanation – Interview preparation Assistance –
We only place our own students. If you have already taken the training somewhere else then we cannot help you with placement. We have more than 150 students per month that we train here, so we are very busy with our own student placements. Also, we follow certain standards in our training program and are very comfortable placing our own trained students because of the training structure we follow and the course we cover and the trainer we have. Our training follows a Role based approach.
Unfortunately, We do not provide such services. We are a leading training firm and we train you and get you better in that skill chosen by you. We will share frequently asked interview questions to you. We assist you in preparing yourself with the help of Mock Interviews to understand how to take up an interview call but we do not take (proxy interview) interviews on your behalf. We will make sure you will face interviews as experienced consultant with confidence by providing best role-based training. We will make sure that you don’t require a proxy interview.
We will share sample resumes for reference and we will guide you to prepare best professional looking resume. But we will not draft your resume due to legal restrictions. It is your resume and whatever you submit as your resume, we will market the same. Interviewer picks the questions from your resume only. You will answer all the interviewer’s questions with confidence, If you put your efforts to prepare resume. We have plenty of sample resumes. Hardly it will take less than a minute to send modified resume to you. But trust me you will find difficulty by searching answers in interview because of that resume.
Sure, you can have preferences though we prefer you keep it open. Relocation really opens up the prospects and helps us place you faster. Recruiters/Sister consulting firms shows much interest if you are flexible to relocate anywhere in USA. But people do have preferences, we do understand that. For a best candidate, location Preferences is not a big hurdle. Candidate can expect more interview calls if he/she market themselves, than a candidate who is depending on only one recruiter or one Sister consulting company. Here we are not trying to ignore you after the training. We will guide how to get more interview calls by marketing yourself. Whoever uploads the resume in job portals will not get interview calls for everyone. It is an art to get attracted by recruiters and get more interview calls. We will help you to that skill.
Since we are a Consulting company, we make money when you do get placed by us so we prefer that you get placed as early as possible. But normally we start our marketing and placement process during your “After the training” Phase.
Sooner you are prepared, better for both parties. We will give you deadlines to accomplish goals and our placement team will actively work with you from there-on. Placements can be quick considering the job market situation.
We do not offer any job guarantees. But we surely do offer certification guarantee if you attend your classes regularly, complete all quizzes and assignments and Case Study/Project at the end. No Company can ever guarantee a job. We can assist, not guarantee jobs. We do our best to get the good number of interview calls through our 50+ sister consulting companies we work with. But we do require your efforts for the same. We can guarantee that.
The idea is very simple – Get better at concepts and with our resume and interview assistance, clear an interview and get a job. There is no shortcut then this.
Job Market is good at the moment, there are ample job opportunities that awaits you, however more the job opportunities, higher the competition.
With Regards to Pay, It all depends on client, location, job market and number of Layers involved in your payroll. The pay might vary from $50-55k per annum for BA and $60-65K for Java/Informatics/Hadoop/Salesforce/SAP Consultant. But if we get a better rate, we surely pay better too. Our Idea is to get you started on a job. We advise you take up the first job offered, wet your feet, get some experience and then can demand whatever rate later.
It is quite a challenge for us to get First Project for you, hence we suggest you focus towards working hard and aiming for the first project instead of worrying about the pay.
Those rates which we mentioned are approximate. It usually depends on the client, experience & number of layers in your payroll and job market. Your negotiation skills also matter.
The course fees you pay is for learning the concepts of the course we provide so you can get better and get certified and clear your interviews.
We work with 50+ Sister consulting companies. Escalate to us immediately, If you feel the assigned Sister consulting company is not doing justice. Then, we will assign another Sister consulting company in 24 hours. You will always have an opportunity to work with another sister consulting company, if you don’t like them regarding resume marketing.
Here we don’t ignore you after the training. If you are interested, we will guide how to get more interview calls by marketing yourself. Whoever uploads the resume in job portals will not get interview calls for everyone. It is an art to get attracted by recruiters and get more interview calls. We will help you to get that skills. Well it’s always a give and take. We do our best to get interviews and you must work towards it. In job market there are huge requirements for various positions/job-roles, but we need to send candidates who are thoroughly prepared to face the interviews.
Try to be flexible regarding location and salary rates at least for first project. So that you can expect good number of interviews early.
We only market our own trainees and we are busy in marketing them .There is a certain way we work, our placement team will process you through the Resume Process, Mock Interviews/Interview preparation, Resume Marketing. For us to understand you better and your job requirements. We suggest you to enrolling/registering our training program and go through us to get marketed.
We only market our own trainees and we are busy in marketing them .There is a certain way we work, our placement team will process you through the Resume Process, Mock Interviews/Interview preparation, Resume Marketing. For us to understand you better and your job requirements. We suggest you to enrolling/registering our training program and go through us to get marketed.
First of all we DON’T suggest or advise anyone to fake their resumes. Since we provide Role-based training, you will be provided with Real-time project based Assignments and Case Studies. This will help you understand about your roles and responsibilities in an actual project scenario. Most of our students use this as experience and update same on their resume as a project; In addition to that our candidates are provided with various other real-time project based case studies. Post their BA Training, while re-drafting the resume, we suggest the candidates to stress on BA skills learnt out of their previous work experience as a QA. This will help focus on the BA skills to secure a BA job more easily.It is a challenge for us place a fresher.
No, we don’t charge for it. Even you don’t need to pay to our sister consulting companies who assist you with Resume preparation assistance, Interview Preparation assistance and lastly Placement. Video Explanation – Resume preparation Assistance –
Video Explanation – Interview preparation Assistance –
Yes. We do work with TN Visa holder who are living in USA. We will work with students who has valid work permit in USA and who are living in USA. But we do not provide services to get TN VISA (Immigration support). As of now, we only have clients in USA and don’t provide services in Mexico/Canada.
Yes. we do help for H1B Transfer with the help of our Vendors (sister consulting companies). They only transfer your H1B once finding a project for you.
It is completely depend up on the job opening.
If you get placed through our sister consulting companies, we will provide on the job support. If you get placed on your own, we don’t. It is up to the trainer whether he wants to give you the support or not. If he wants then, he will charge for that separately.
Please find the below mentioned points. Recruiters ignore candidate for below mention reasons.
1.Bad Communication skills
2.No Relevant Work experience in resume
3.Visa Status (Work permit)
4.Location constraint (Exemption to few Skills)
5.High salary expectations
6.Nationality (Even it is illegal to consider, It matters to Sister consulting business – For specific nationalities)
7.SEX (Even it is illegal to consider, It matters to Sister consulting business – If the candidate is expectant mother,recruiters will not consider these prospects for more than 3 months projects)
8.If candidate does not respond to recruiters Calls, VMs, Emails would be considered as an uninterested candidate
9.Circulation of resume online with the help of job portals
10.Assisting in marketing of resume with other Sister consulting company’s help
11.Not ready to Modify resume
12.Eager to get placed without subject knowledge
13.Rude/Not cooperative with recruiters
14.Expecting Spoon feeding
15.Looking for only remote positions
16.Expecting proxy Interviews
17.Not ready to sign a contract with vendor for resume marketing
18.Associate degree not valid
Most of the USA companies consider only your USA experience. But it may vary. If the company needs to close the position soon or the skill has much demand in the job market, then they only check how strong you are in subject.
Once you are done with your training, we will assist you in all the best possible ways to get you Interview calls. We assist in Resume Assistance, mock interviews/Interview preparation etc. Once you get through Interview faqs, then we market your resume. If you cooperate with our vendor and flexible regarding location and rates, then there are high chances to get placed maximum in 2-3 months.
As per our company policy we do not offer the option of payment after placement because you are paying for the services of training and certification learning and not for placement services. After the training process which involves resume preparation assistance, interview preparation assistance and placement services through our sister consulting companies are offered to you as a free service.
However you may approach several other institutes online that offer this option, if you are looking for one. We would be more than happy to help you If you need a quality training.
We have this company policy of charging UPFRONT for the training.
We do our best to our trainees who ever reaching us for placement assistance. Trainees they themselves get placed and market themselves during the training itself. Most of the trainees will not give chance to us to market them. Because they don’t want to sign a contract and work on ratio basis. But 100% we provide placement assistance to the trainees who reach us.
We don’t have any direct clients. Because we are not into core consulting services. We work with consulting companies for placement assistance. We are tie up with 50+ consulting companies. They will market your resume to their clients.
We don’t have liberty to share our sister concern company names, unless until you enroll with us at least for a video training. After completing the training we will assign a consulting company for assistance.