Start Date Duration Time (CST) Type MODE OF TRAINING Price Enroll
12-Jun-2017 50 Hrs (5 Weeks) 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM Online INSTRUCTOR-LED LIVE $ 599
$ 799

Salesforce Developer & Admin Certification Training

In today's business application ecosystem, Salesforce platform is the fifth fastest growing skill in the IT domain. Despite the fact, several CRM software products competing in the market, Salesforce remains as the topmost leader among the cloud-based solution vendors. The objective of the training is to provide the necessary skills on the core concepts such as SFDC Data Model, SFDC Security Model, Salesforce1, Lightning Appbuilder, Apex and Visualforce. Get trained and become App builder and Developer certified Salesforce professional.

All Courses Idea


Salesforce is highly scalable and flexible CRM structure, delivered through the cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS). Many cloud-based products like, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, are offered by Salesforce is responsible for collaborating community, service, sales and marketing, analytics using its cloud platform. Salesforce enables sales representatives to get more leads, close more deals, expedite productivity and make insightful decisions that matter most to grow their business.

Did you Know?

1. Forbes has voted and listed Salesforce as the world’s most innovative company because of the largest market share than any other CRMs
2. The users are the high revenue generating companies in the world as 74 percent of the implemented companies have a annual revenue between $1M and $50M
3. Salesforce Lightning, newly launched powerful multi-tenant, next-generation metadata platform provides a consistent and portable user experience across devices and helps in integrating the third-party applications

Why learn and get Certified in Salesforce?

1. As the demand for certified salesforce professionals is increasing, the average salary of the certified Salesforce professional has been increased by 30% than salesforce professionals
2. Salesforce technology is not only implemented in the software industry but also accounts its users in the other sectors such as business services, manufacturing, education and retail thus paving the way for salesforce professionals to work in diverse sectors
3. Most multinational IT companies such as Oracle, VMWare, Google, SAP, Microsoft and WebEx have implemented Salesforce tools, thus there is a huge demand for Salesforce Developers and Administrators in the job market

Course Objective

After the completion of this course, Trainee will:

1. Gain domain knowledge in Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Development and
2. Design Data Model for cloud-based applications and architecture
3. Automate Sales and Service processes using Workflows, Approval Processes, and Formulas
4. Get hands on experience of end-to-end application designing on Platform
5. Learn the best practices of app designing, app customization, debugging, data validation and security
6. Identify the basic components of SMART administration for


1. Basic knowledge of any programming language and Working knowledge of Java
2. Fundamental know-how of any database, SQL, and query language for databases
3. Basic Knowledge of Data Processing
4. Working knowledge of Linux- or Unix-based system which is desirable


1. For Developers, knowledge on OOPs, cloud platforms and database management concepts is preferred
2. For Administrators, basics of computing skills and fair knowledge in current technologies would be an added advantage

Who should attend this Training?

Salesforce Developer and Administrator training forms a solid basic foundation and is best suited for the following professionals:
1. Sales Managers and Executives
2. CRM Administrators and Consultants
3. System Administrators
4. Software Developers
5. Business Analysts

Prepare for Certification

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered on the Salesforce Developer and Administrator (Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II, Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification). In addition to boosting your income potential, getting certified in Salesforce, demonstrates your knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective Salesforce Developer and Administrator. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.

How will I perform the practical sessions in Online training?

For online training, CoursesIT provides virtual environment that helps in accessing each other’s system. The detailed pdf files, reference material, course code are provided to trainee. Online sessions can be conducted through any of the available requirements like Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Webinar, etc.

  1. 1.CRM Overview
  2. 2.Introduction to Cloud Computing
  3. 3.Salesforce Basics
  4. 4.Home Page Customization
  5. 5.User Management
  6. 6.Creating and customizing Tabs, Apps and other elements
  7. 7.Business and IT Benefits of SFDC
  8. 8.Development environment & Sandboxes
  9. 9.Updating the Fiscal Year
  1. 1.Set your organization’s language & locale
  2. 2.How to Manage organization’s currency
  3. 3.How to Create custom profiles & custom fields
  4. 4.How to Define dependent picklists
  5. 5.How to Customize lookup fields & formula fields
  6. 6.How to Customize page layouts
  7. 7.Customize standard related lists
  8. 8.Learn about record types & business processes
  9. 9.Use field-level security
  1. 1.Introduction to Security – Analogy
  2. 2.Introducing Org-level security settings with profiles and permission sets
  3. 3.Introducing Object level security settings with profiles and permission sets
  4. 4.Difference between profiles and permission sets
  5. 5.Work with page layouts
  6. 6.Work with record types and business processes
  7. 7.Maintain data quality
  1. 1.Introduction to OWD
  2. 2.Introduction to Role and Role Hierarchy
  3. 3.Introduction to record sharing - Criteria based and Manual
  1. 1.Need for different business processes for different departments and leveraging record types and page layout
  2. 2.Need for formula fields and different types of functions
  3. 3.Different ways to enforce data quality
  4. 4.Perform basic field level validations
  5. 5.Automation using Formulas
  6. 6.Defining Validation Rules
  7. 7.Creating SFDC Flows
  8. 8.Email Alerts
  9. 9.Assigning Tasks
  10. 10.Workflow Rules & Approval Processes
  11. 11.Record Types
  12. 12.Roll-Up Summary
  1. 1.Introduction
  2. 2.Capture Leads from website and Lead assignment rules
  3. 3.Creating List Views
  4. 4.Customize Lead
  5. 5.Create queue
  6. 6.Key sales objects Accounts, Contacts, Opportunity, Opportunity teams and Account teams
  7. 7.Using Chatter for collaboration in the sales process across teams
  8. 8.Reports -Standard and Custom reports
  1. 1.Capture cases from website and email
  2. 2.Customize case process, solutions, communities and Salesforce knowledge
  1. 1.Introduction
  2. 2.Modifying standard fields
  3. 3.Creating auto number fields
  4. 4.Creating formula fields, rollup summary fields, lookup and master detail fields
  5. 5.Creating currency, number and percent fields
  6. 6.Creating date field and date and time fields
  7. 7.Creating Phone and email fields
  8. 8.Creating geolocation fields
  9. 9.Creating picklist and multi-select picklist
  10. 10.Creating text and text area fields
  11. 11.Creating text area long and text area rich fields
  12. 12.Creating encrypted fields and URL fields
  1. 1.Data Handling and Processing Overview
  2. 2.Exporting data and Regular Backup
  3. 3.Importance of record IDs
  4. 4.Install Apex Data loader
  5. 5.Use the Import Wizard and Data Loader and compare the features
  6. 6.Upsert operations
  7. 7.Delete and Hard Delete records
  8. 8.Transfer record ownership
  1. 1.Execute a report with and without modifications
  2. 2.Create a simple tabular report
  3. 3.Summary and matrix report
  4. 4.Working with Standard Reports
  5. 5.Report Formats
  6. 6.Controlling Report Accessibility
  7. 7.Scheduling Reports
  8. 8.Defining Report Types
  9. 9.Add a chart and few other features like highlighting
  10. 10.Create a custom report type and store in a folder
  11. 11.User filters in reports
  12. 12.To create a simple dashboard
  1. 1.Custom Controllers
  2. 2.Custom List Controllers
  3. 3.Controller Extensions
  4. 4.Overriding Standard Pages
  5. 5.Using Input Components
  6. 6.Visualforce Page Blocks
  7. 7.Creating Email Templates with Visualforce
  8. 8.Creating VF Pages in IDE
  9. 9.Configuring Development Mode
  10. 10.Creating VF Pages in UI
  11. 11.Standard Controllers
  12. 12.Standard List Controllers
  13. 13.Visualforce Forms
  14. 14.Custom List Controllers
  15. 15.Adding Interactivity to Pages
  16. 16.HTML in Visualforce
  17. 17.CSS in Visualforce
  1. 1.Basics – OOPS Concept
  2. 2.Understanding Classes
  3. 3.Introduction to APEX
  4. 4.Data Types
  5. 5.Variables
  6. 6.Expressions
  7. 7.Assignment Statements
  8. 8.Conditional (If-Else) Statements
  9. 9.Creating APEX Classes in IDE
  10. 10.SOSL-Salesforce Object Search Language
  11. 11.SOQL-Salesforce Object Query Language
  12. 12.Creating APEX Classes in UI
  13. 13.Creating APEX Triggers in IDE
  14. 14.Creating APEX Triggers in UI
  15. 15.Understanding APEX Methods
  16. 16.Creating Search Layouts
  17. 17.Creating Test Classes
  1. 1.Creating Packages
  2. 2.Deploying Apps to AppExchange
  3. 3.Introduction to AppExchange
  4. 4.Installing Apps from AppExchange
  1. 1.Creating Sites
  2. 2.Creating Customer & Partner Portals
  3. 3.Distributing Packages
  4. 4.Deploying Apps to other Org
  5. 5.Web to Lead
  6. 6.Uploading Apps
  1. 1.Working on Eclipse
  2. 2.Configuring IDE
  3. 3.Creating Projects
  4. 4.Working with Metadata Components

About Salesforce Developer and Admin Certification

Salesforce certifies both Developer and Administrator professions. Earn Salesforce credential to reveal the impact you make every day, while aiming for a competitive edge that leads towards new opportunities.
Salesforce Developer and Admin Certification Types
Salesforce is one of the leading IT industry delivers world’s best CRM solutions. It conducts exam and offers certifications for the professionals like:
1. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
2. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II
3. Salesforce Certified Administrator
4. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

There is no such prerequisites to take up Certified Platform Developer I
Exam Details
1. Exam Pattern - Multiple choice questions
2. Number of Questions - 60
3. Exam Time Duration - 105 minutes
4. Passing Score - 68%
5. Registration Fee - USD $200
6. Retake Fee - USD $100

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

A certified Developer can take up Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II
Exam Details
1. Exam Pattern - Multiple choice questions
2. Number of Questions - 69
3. Exam Time Duration - 120 minutes
4. Passing Score - 73%
5. Registration Fee - USD $400
6. Retake Fee - USD $200

Salesforce Certified Administrator

There is no such pre-requisites to take up Certified Administrator certification
Exam Details
1. Exam Pattern - Multiple choice questions
2. Number of Questions - 60
3. Exam Time Duration - 90 minutes
4. Passing Score - 65%
5. Registration Fee - USD $200
6. Retake Fee - USD $100

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

A certified Administrator can take up Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
Exam Details
1. Exam Pattern - Multiple choice questions
2. Number of Questions - 60
3. Exam Time Duration - 90 minutes
4. Passing Score - 65%
5. Registration Fee - USD $200
6. Retake Fee - USD $100

Nice training by CoursesIT.US I will recommend my friends.


The following are some of the key reasons which made Salesforce CRM to be in high demand are:
1.Sustained growth and current trends – Salesforce and CRM software are in separable, since Salesforce is right at the top by contributing 16% of the overall CRM software market share
2.Vision and execution – High capability to execute a long-term vision, Salesforce claims topmost position in CRM software market
3.Strategic acquisitions – To increase enhanced capabilities, Salesforce has a smart acquisition policy
Yes, both Admin and development part will be covered during this training.
During the Salesforce training, trainees can learn the following key important topics such as:
2.Data Utilities
3.Data Modeling
6.Business Logics
7.Reporting & Analytics
12.Development on IDE
You will be going through a training on the theoretical and practical aspects of ADM 201 and DEV401 level™ certification. You can also go for ADM 301 and DEV501 level certifications. They contain:
1.Basic platform, deals with objects, fields, records, etc.
2.Includes dashboards, reports displaying the full record
3.Management of data become feasible with workflow and hierarchy
In-depth knowledge on any programming language is not mandatory. Basic knowledge on programming skills will be an added advantage
The following are the key benefits of taking Salesforce training:
1.Administration Essentials is the most popular course and it’s both for new administrators or those who want to brush up their core administration skills
2.This course is mainly designed by consultants for consultants, Implementation Essentials prepares you to take your solution design skills and consulting career to the next level
3.By undertaking this training, you will learn how to set up, configure, maintain, and customize Salesforce CRM. This course also covers key features, including enterprise security, data utilities, and analytics
4.The course covers critical design considerations and resources such as best practices, templates and process maps, discovery questions, and case studies using real-time business scenarios
Salesforce training seems expensive to look at, but you have to view these courses as an investment in your career. consultants are in real demand, and the salaries offered are reflected in this.
Well, I am not going to tackle the scores of Consultant role as it is very broad that would fall under that rubric. You need not have a technical background to be a Salesforce Consultant. There is a tremendous amount of learning and knowledge involved in Salesforce. Of that there is no doubt — I think a non-technical person would have to be almost religiously committed to the platform in a way that coders and programmers, with their enviable grasp of various languages and modalities — don’t need to be.
The first step in becoming a Consultant is to take the Administration Essentials Exam (ADM201); you will learn the in and out of CRM configuration and management and solution designs for the same. Once you have completed Administration Essentials, we would recommend you to undertake Implementation Essentials exam (CON201), which guides you through the design and implementation process.
To login to Salesforce, visit website –
The following are the different types of CRM available namely:
Microsoft Dynamics
Highly Diversified Offerings – In the enterprise space Salesforce is the innovator of the SaaS approach
To load data user can use any of these tools like data loader, import wizard and jitter-bit data loader. In general, there are two data loaders which help us in loading data into Salesforce namely: 1.Data Loader 2.Data Modeling
Trainee can use Platform.
No, Gmail is used for creating account. And, a trainee can use Google maps integration to find the location
Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.
Developer Force, a’s free developer program which runs for the platform, which is a free community-based online portal for Developers.
Community Cloud, a next generation portal, an online social platform that enables companies to connect with its customers, partners and employees with each other so that they get their work done by sharing any file, data or record anywhere on any mobile device.
Consultants are the brains behind designing and implementing CRM solutions. They will guide a project from conception through to completion. There are two types of consultants:
1.Certified Consultant for Service Cloud
2.Certified Consultant for Sales Cloud
1. The Certified Sales Cloud Consultant exam is designed for implementation experts who have experience implementing Sales Cloud solutions in a customer-facing role.
2.The Certified Sales Cloud Consultant can successfully design and implement Sales Cloud solutions that meet customer business requirements, are maintainable and scalable, and contribute to long-term customer success.
3.The Certified Service Cloud Consultant certification exam is designed for implementation experts who have experience implementing Service Cloud solutions in a customer-facing role.
4.The Certified Service Cloud Consultant is able to successfully design and implement Service Cloud solutions that meet customer business requirements, are maintainable and scalable, and contribute to long-term customer success.


As per research, Salesforce development field is creating millions of jobs in the next few years. Salesforce Development, Salesforce Consulting and all the job profiles related to Salesforce are the good career options for a long term.
The following Skills set needed for Salesforce developer are:
1.APEX – Classes
5.Visualforce Implementation & Deployment
7.Application Management
9.Data Management
10.Marketing & Call Centre
Salesforce Company provides highest pay to Salesforce Developer.™ training is a benchmark in basic Cloud Computing knowledge in the corporate world. Being better equipped to acquire latest jobs in the technology world.
After being trained under any reputed™ training program the candidates has the opportunity to pursue their career on the following profiles.
1.Trainee –™™ Developer™ Consultant™ Administrator
You have to work on few Salesforce projects as technical lead then take up Salesforce certification of Technical Architect to shift your career as a Salesforce Architect.
Take up basic Salesforce Developer certification to move from Salesforce Administrator to Salesforce certified Developer.
The complementary courses for Salesforce professional are:
6.Google Apps
Yes, according to survey result certification and experience will boost Salesforce professional’s salary.
Follow the below mentioned steps to become Salesforce certified Professional:
1.Select a course from Salesforce certification track or path
2.Prepare for exam
3.Join classes in any reputed institute to gain more knowledge
4.Schedule exam through Sales force’s global network of Kryterion sponsored testing centres
5.Pass the registered exam and get certified
6.For advanced certifications the basic certifications are prerequisites
Benefits of Salesforce Certifications are:
Employers are in need of certified Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Administrators for better usage of their investment
Certified Salesforce Developer and Administrator average salary is high when compared to others
Earning a credential certifies that an individual have skills and confidence to take full advantage of program
Yes. The trainer will provide tips to help you to pass a certification exam after the training gets completed.
Tips to pass the Salesforce Developer certification exam are:
1.Select an official Salesforce Developer class
2.Work on exercises and homework covered in class
3.Prepare for additional 30 hours on material not covered in class
4.Register your exam after completion of class
1.You should be able to prepare for the certification exam in 3-4 weeks if you are a seasoned Salesforce Administrator.
2.If you don’t have prior knowledge and experience, spend couple months in taking and working on Salesforce platform before going to the exam.

Generic Training FAQs

CoursesIT provides Role-based Instructor Led Live and Self Paced Video Training and certification programs by industry expert trainer’s using Online meeting tools like Citrix GotoWebinar.
We provide three different modes of training:
1.Instructor Led Live Training (ILLT) – In this mode students attend the Live online sessions as per the training schedule. Assignments and course materials access is provided using the LMS system. Students can also view the videos of the past sessions and post questions using the LMS system. Students can ask trainers question live during the session or offline using the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
2.Instructor Led Video Training (ILVT) – In this mode students do not attend Live online sessions but learn from the Session video recordings. Assignments and course materials access is provided using the LMS system. Students can post questions offline for trainers using the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
3.Self-Paced Video Training (SPVT) – Self-paced video training program is designed to learn at your own pace. Students are given a access to the LMS system and learn thru pre-recorded session videos. They access the assignments and materials thru the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
Picture – Click on the below links to know the differences between live training, video training, self-paced video training:
1.Instructor Led Live Training (ILLT) –
2.Instructor Led Video Training (ILVT) –
3.Self-paced Video Training (SPVT) –
1.Operating System: Windows XP or newer
2.Browser: Internet Explorer 6.x or newer
3.CPU: P350 MHz, recommended P500+ MHz
4.Memory: 128 MB, recommended 256+ MB RAM
5.Free Disk Space: 40 MB, recommended 200+ MB for content and recordings
6.Internet Connection: 28.8 Kbps, recommended 128+ Kbps
7.Monitor: 16 bit colors (high color)
8.Other: Sound card, microphone, and speakers OR headset with microphone
1Mbps of internet speed is recommended to attend the live classes. Even with lesser internet speed students can attend live session.
Some of the major benefits are:
1.Full Interactivity – Two-way voice over internet and web-conferencing tool. This tool enables participants to ask questions and collaborate with each other in an online virtual space and enables the online trainer to answer questions, take simulations, and receive answers instantaneously. Every trainee can view the trainers desktop and vice versa.
2.Cost Savings and Convenience – Courses can be completed from home, the office, or wherever the Internet is accessible. There is no need to travel to a specific location to attend a training program. Less overhead cost for the company and the savings is passed on to the trainees. Shorter course schedules mean that projects don’t have to be put on hold while participants train (for corporations).
3.Never Miss a Session – With online training, you can receive archived video recorded sessions to all enrollees and the streaming video recording links are posted on the Training blog after each session. Participants may view these sessions to review sessions post-class or make up a missed class as needed. Accesses to Video Recordings are available after the training end thus making it easy for you to review after training ends.
4.Location Independent – You may join for an online instructor-led course from any part of the world without having to travel. Trainees can attend from USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Australia, India and many other countries around the world.
5.Affordable – Classroom sessions are expensive. You pay for Hotel, Food, Travel plus Course Fees. All those overhead costs quickly add up to more than 5,000 dollars. Online training programs costs less and is a fraction of that cost of classroom training.
6.Best Trainers – If you are taking a Classroom training, you are restricted to take the training from the best instructors available in that area only. This is Not the case in Online training setup. We hire and work with Best trainers throughout the world with the power of internet.
7.Career Focused –The online IT training courses match the tasks, assignments or projects you perform for employers on the job guaranteeing that the new skills you gain after training are immediately relevant to your career or employer.
8.Shorter Sessions – By providing shorter session duration and then providing assignments, gives the trainees time to understand the concepts and practice from the assignments and be prepared for the next session. Online training sessions are each 2-3 hrs long and only cover 10hrs per week. Classes are scheduled 2-3 days apart giving you time to practice.
All Instructors from CoursesIT are working professionals from leading organizations who have minimum of 8 years of real-time consulting experience working on live projects and good subject knowledge. They have minimum 3+ years of experience in training. Most of our trainers are Certified professionals as well and help the students to get certified.
Yes, you will be working on the case-studies/project which helps you to implement the gained skills and knowledge practically towards the end of the training workshop.
Trainee can choose any of the following payment methods to enrol our training program:
1.For USD payment, trainee can pay by Paypal and Bank of America
2.Bank payments from anywhere in USA
3.Money orders
4.International Wire transfer
5.ACH transfers
6.Chase Quickpay
7.Bank of America transfers
8.Wells Fargo Surepay
9.Credit Card
10.Debit Card
11.Net Banking
1.Instalment option is also available
2.We accept credit card, debit card and net banking for all leading banks
Since most of our trainers are working professional themselves, we provide Instructor-led Live training as per the following schedules and try to complete 8-10 hrs of Live training per week:
1.Weekday evenings Mon-Fri – start time at 7 or 7:30pm CST with each session 2-3 hrs.
2.Weekend batch timings are Sat-Sun with start times of 8am, 4pm, 7pm CST with each session 3-4hrs
You can Raise a Ticket from the Blog and a Support team member will respond to your query. We help 24×7 through our ticketing system.
Once the session is complete, all the session videos will be uploaded on the blog. You can access the missed session videos on the blog. The videos recordings and access to the training blog is available to you for 6 months. The materials access thru Google drive repository is available to you for lifetime.
After the session is complete, all the session videos are uploaded for you to view using the blog. You can access the blog from any device (laptop, tablets, mobile phone) connected to internet and watch the videos.
Yes, as a sample we can surely provide you some videos from previous workshops.
In ILLT, you have an option to attend the live classes of other trainers. But, this has to be informed to the respective co-ordinators before completing three live sessions. In case of ILVT and SPVT, you have an option to access other trainer’s videos on raising request to the co-ordinators and support team. But the access to the previously shared videos will be restricted.
To know more about our Terms of Service including the Refund and Cancellation policy, please visit our webpage,
The soft copy of course completion certificate from CoursesIT will be sent to you via e-mail after your training completion. Here is a Sample,
Once you have enrolled to the training program, our support team will send an email to your registered Email ID. The video link in an e-mail explains how to login to the training blog and access the training program and content. This takes less than 2-3 hrs.
We will help you to setup Virtual Machine in your System with local access. The detailed installation guides will be provided for setting up the environment. In case your system doesn’t meet the prerequisites e.g. 4GB RAM, you will be provided remote access to the Server for the practicals. For any doubt, the 24*7 support team will promptly assist you.
Most of our courses are designed to get you a job first and are also geared for you to get certified. After the course completion, your trainer will provide all details about the certification you can appear for the qualifications of each. We also provide you with Certification faqs and dumps from past certification exams. Our trainers help each and every student in getting them certified.
Enroll to our Self paced video training. Video Explanation – What is Self Paced Video Training –
Our corporate office is located in West Des Moines, Iowa. And our Offshore support center is located in Bangalore, India.
We cannot share the trainers Linkedin profile but we surely can send you a screenshot of it. This is because the trainer don’t want to be contacted through inmail as they themselves are Sr. consultants/Solution architects at reputed firms and keep very busy with work. This is something we are telling from our past experience. Rest assured, please know that the experience of the trainers are what they say. You can also attend a Live Demo webinar with the trainer and ask any question to them and get a clarity on trainer’s experience and subject knowledge.

Generic Placement FAQs

We are a training and certification company which provides excellent online, classroom and self-paced training programs. After our training is finished, this is what we provide,
1.Resume Assistance – We help you with preparing a very good and presentable Resume using your past experience and the Real project based Case studies. We also help you how to represent your resume and answer project based questions, module based technical questions, and behavioral questions. After you are done with this process, you will be very confident with representing you resume
2.Interview preparation Assistance – We provide you mock interview videos, Interview faqs and project based documents. We then guide you step by step to take an interview and clear it
3.Certification Assistance – We provide you with Certification dumps from past certifications, and a step-by-step guide and resources to appear for the Certification
4.After all these are completed, we work with you and the 50+ sister consulting companies we are aligned with to get you a job interview.
It is not a good idea to get marketed by multiple consulting companies at the same. It might take serious impact on candidature, due to duplicate resume submission by different consulting companies to same client. Some times resume might go on hold.
Because of above-mentioned reasons, it is always better to work with one staffing company at one time.
Once you have completed your training we will assign a staffing company for your assistance.Escalate to us immediately, If you feel the assigned Sister consulting company is not doing justice. Then, we will assign another Sister consulting company with in 24 hours.
We provide Placement Assistance. We are training and certification company and after training provides Certification guidance, Resume, and Interview preparation assistance. We also work with many sister consulting firms in the USA who help in provide placements. See the videos below to learn more,
Video Explanation – Resume preparation Assistance – Explanation – Interview preparation Assistance –
We only place our own students. If you have already taken the training somewhere else then we cannot help you with placement. We have more than 150 students per month that we train here, so we are very busy with our own student placements. Also, we follow certain standards in our training program and are very comfortable placing our own trained students because of the training structure we follow and the course we cover and the trainer we have. Our training follows a Role based approach.
Unfortunately, We do not provide such services. We are a leading training firm and we train you and get you better in that skill chosen by you. We will share frequently asked interview questions to you. We assist you in preparing yourself with the help of Mock Interviews to understand how to take up an interview call but we do not take (proxy interview) interviews on your behalf. We will make sure you will face interviews as experienced consultant with confidence by providing best role-based training. We will make sure that you don’t require a proxy interview.
We will share sample resumes for reference and we will guide you to prepare best professional looking resume. But we will not draft your resume due to legal restrictions. It is your resume and whatever you submit as your resume, we will market the same. Interviewer picks the questions from your resume only. You will answer all the interviewer’s questions with confidence, If you put your efforts to prepare resume. We have plenty of sample resumes. Hardly it will take less than a minute to send modified resume to you. But trust me you will find difficulty by searching answers in interview because of that resume.
Sure, you can have preferences though we prefer you keep it open. Relocation really opens up the prospects and helps us place you faster. Recruiters/Sister consulting firms shows much interest if you are flexible to relocate anywhere in USA. But people do have preferences, we do understand that. For a best candidate, location Preferences is not a big hurdle. Candidate can expect more interview calls if he/she market themselves, than a candidate who is depending on only one recruiter or one Sister consulting company. Here we are not trying to ignore you after the training. We will guide how to get more interview calls by marketing yourself. Whoever uploads the resume in job portals will not get interview calls for everyone. It is an art to get attracted by recruiters and get more interview calls. We will help you to that skill.
Since we are a Consulting company, we make money when you do get placed by us so we prefer that you get placed as early as possible. But normally we start our marketing and placement process during your “After the training” Phase.
Sooner you are prepared, better for both parties. We will give you deadlines to accomplish goals and our placement team will actively work with you from there-on. Placements can be quick considering the job market situation.
We do not offer any job guarantees. But we surely do offer certification guarantee if you attend your classes regularly, complete all quizzes and assignments and Case Study/Project at the end. No Company can ever guarantee a job. We can assist, not guarantee jobs. We do our best to get the good number of interview calls through our 50+ sister consulting companies we work with. But we do require your efforts for the same. We can guarantee that. The idea is very simple – Get better at concepts and with our resume and interview assistance, clear an interview and get a job. There is no shortcut then this.
Job Market is good at the moment, there are ample job opportunities that awaits you, however more the job opportunities, higher the competition.
With Regards to Pay, It all depends on client, location, job market and number of Layers involved in your payroll. The pay might vary from $50-55k per annum for BA and $60-65K for Java/Informatics/Hadoop/Salesforce/SAP Consultant. But if we get a better rate, we surely pay better too. Our Idea is to get you started on a job. We advise you take up the first job offered, wet your feet, get some experience and then can demand whatever rate later.
It is quite a challenge for us to get First Project for you, hence we suggest you focus towards working hard and aiming for the first project instead of worrying about the pay.
We only place our own students. If you have already taken the training somewhere else then we cannot help you with placement. We have more than 150 students per month that we train here, so we are very busy with our own student placements. Also, we follow certain standards in our training program and are very comfortable placing our own trained students because of the training structure we follow and the course we cover and the trainer we have. Our training follows a Role based approach.
Those rates which we mentioned are approximate. It usually depends on the client, experience & number of layers in your payroll and job market. Your negotiation skills also matter.
The course fees you pay is for learning the concepts of the course we provide so you can get better and get certified and clear your interviews.
We work with 50+ Sister consulting companies. Escalate to us immediately, If you feel the assigned Sister consulting company is not doing justice. Then, we will assign another Sister consulting company in 24 hours. You will always have an opportunity to work with another sister consulting company, if you don’t like them regarding resume marketing.
Here we don’t ignore you after the training. If you are interested, we will guide how to get more interview calls by marketing yourself. Whoever uploads the resume in job portals will not get interview calls for everyone. It is an art to get attracted by recruiters and get more interview calls. We will help you to get that skills. Well it’s always a give and take. We do our best to get interviews and you must work towards it. In job market there are huge requirements for various positions/job-roles, but we need to send candidates who are thoroughly prepared to face the interviews.
Try to be flexible regarding location and salary rates at least for first project. So that you can expect good number of interviews early.
We only market our own trainees and we are busy in marketing them .There is a certain way we work, our placement team will process you through the Resume Process, Mock Interviews/Interview preparation, Resume Marketing. For us to understand you better and your job requirements. We suggest you to enrolling/registering our training program and go through us to get marketed.
First of all we DON’T suggest or advise anyone to fake their resumes. Since we provide Role-based training, you will be provided with Real-time project based Assignments and Case Studies. This will help you understand about your roles and responsibilities in an actual project scenario. Most of our students use this as experience and update same on their resume as a project; In addition to that our candidates are provided with various other real-time project based case studies. Post their BA Training, while re-drafting the resume, we suggest the candidates to stress on BA skills learnt out of their previous work experience as a QA. This will help focus on the BA skills to secure a BA job more easily.It is a challenge for us place a fresher.
No, we don’t charge for it. Even you don’t need to pay to our sister consulting companies who assist you with Resume preparation assistance, Interview Preparation assistance and lastly Placement. Video Explanation – Resume preparation Assistance –
Video Explanation – Interview preparation Assistance –
Yes. We do work with TN Visa holder who are living in USA. We will work with students who has valid work permit in USA and who are living in USA. But we do not provide services to get TN VISA (Immigration support). As of now, we only have clients in USA and don’t provide services in Mexico/Canada
It is completely depend up on the job opening.
If you get placed through our sister consulting companies, we will provide on the job support. If you get placed on your own, we don’t. It is up to the trainer whether he wants to give you the support or not. If he wants then, he will charge for that separately.
Please find the below mentioned points. Recruiters ignore candidate for below mention reasons.
1.Bad Communication skills
2.No Relevant Work experience in resume
3.Visa Status (Work permit)
4.Location constraint (Exemption to few Skills)
5.High salary expectations
6.Nationality (Even it is illegal to consider, It matters to Sister consulting business – For specific nationalities)
7.SEX (Even it is illegal to consider, It matters to Sister consulting business – If the candidate is expectant mother, recruiters will not consider these prospects for more than 3 months projects)
8.If candidate does not respond to recruiters Calls, VMs, Emails would be considered as an uninterested candidate
9.Circulation of resume online with the help of job portals
10.Assisting in marketing of resume with other Sister consulting company’s help
11.Not ready to Modify resume
12.Eager to get placed without subject knowledge
13.Rude/Not cooperative with recruiters
14.Expecting Spoon feeding
15.Looking for only remote positions
16.Expecting proxy Interviews
17.Not ready to sign a contract with vendor for resume marketing
18.Associate degree not valid
It is illegal to charge a candidate for H1B. We will take care of your H1B fee If you get placed through our sister consulting companies.
Most of the USA companies consider only your USA experience. But it may vary. If the company needs to close the position soon or the skill has much demand in the job market, then they only check how strong you are in subject.
Once you are done with your training, we will assist you in all the best possible ways to get you Interview calls. We assist in Resume Assistance, mock interviews/Interview preparation etc. Once you get through Interview faqs, then we market your resume. If you cooperate with our vendor and flexible regarding location and rates, then there are high chances to get placed maximum in 2-3 months.
As per our company policy we do not offer the option of payment after placement because you are paying for the services of training and certification learning and not for placement services. After the training process which involves resume preparation assistance, interview preparation assistance and placement services through our sister consulting companies are offered to you as a free service.
However you may approach several other institutes online that offer this option, if you are looking for one. We would be more than happy to help you If you need a quality training.
We have this company policy of charging UPFRONT for the training.
We do our best to our trainees who ever reaching us for placement assistance. Trainees they themselves get placed and market themselves during the training itself. Most of the trainees will not give chance to us to market them. Because they don’t want to sign a contract and work on ratio basis. But 100% we provide placement assistance to the trainees who reach us.
We don’t have any direct clients. Because we are not into core consulting services. We work with consulting companies for placement assistance. We are tie up with 50+ consulting companies. They will market your resume to their clients.
We don’t have liberty to share our sister concern company names, unless until you enroll with us at least for a video training. After completing the training we will assign a consulting company for assistance.