General Faq

General Faq

Who can join

Membership at is by referral. So, anyone who has been referred by one of the existing member are eligible to join this group.

Should I join if I’m currently in grad school?

Yes, we would encourage you to join while you are in grad school. This way you will get an opportunity to network with other professionals, learn from their experience, attend free webinars and get an idea on the jobs prospective.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once we receive the application, we will verify the information and get you added to the group. This may sometimes take couple of days before you will receive any communication.

Can the application be rejected?

Yes, the application may be rejected for the following reasons:

  •    If you have submitted incomplete application
  • If you have provided invalid email address
  • If we are unable to verify your referral

I don’t see my career field while signing up?

At this stage, we have rolled out only the Information Technology group (formerly known AL-IT Group). We are currently working on including other career fields.